We sponsor Lymington based “Yard Fees”

Yard Fees is a Platu25 racing yacht based in Lymington. A local team race weekly under the Sassy’s sails. If you live in or are visiting Lymington, be sure to look out for this yacht – Thursday evenings is the best time!

However, they participate in all the big races too – Round the Island (RTI) and Cowes Week (29th July – 4th August) and Taittinger RSYC Regatta.

They won their first race under our sails back in 2022, despite stopping to rescue a man overboard from another vessel! Go Yard Fees!!

We are proud supporters of Against Breast Cancer

We support “Against Breast Cancer” which is a charity who are funding vital research into a breast cancer vaccine. We’ve collected a huge number of bras over the past few years and would like to encourage you to keep donating!

For every ton of bras, the charity receive £700 towards the fund. The bras collected are saved from landfill and sold to a company that exports them to developing countries in Africa and around the world where they are sold to small business market traders.

Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty whilst providing employment for people at home in the UK.

The market traders not only support the local economy but provide women with an affordable bra. Simply wearing a bra, in some of these countries signifies status and wealth, and women who are wearing one are less likely to be attacked or abused, simply from the fear that she may have the means to pursue the perpetrators through the legal system!

So, Sassy gals, give us your bras! You’ll find bra recycling bins in each of our New Forest stores. Just drop by and bin your bra – new, old, worn, unloved, previously loved – all are welcome!

Any bras that are truly unsalvageable are deconstructed and disposed of responsibly.