Our Team

Our team is the backbone of Sassy’s. We’ve seen exponential growth over the past few years and this could not have been achieved without the support and hard work of the amazing Sassy Team. Each member brings a wealth of unique skills, vibrancy, personality and expertise that has been developed through many different experiences of life and we are extremely grateful to them and so pleased to have them on board.

Let’s introduce the team…


Owner, Head Buyer and Chief Inspiration Officer

Hello! I’m Sarah. I’m a wife, mum, grandma and friend and I love business! Prior to having my children, I worked in an eclectic range of sales jobs from selling advertising to burglar alarms, training courses to boat trips, unit trusts to eyeliner, shoes to slimming powders! In the 80’s I worked for an indie record label promoting indie bands and I’ve been in recruitment, marketing and administration roles! I also ran my own business in the mid 90’s as an aerobics instructor for a while! My name is not Jack, but I’ve turned my hands to many trades!

I always used to tell my children when they were facing big life decisions, that they could have many things in life, but probably not all at the same time! I loved parenting but as the family grew up and began to leave the nest, I reinvented what I did and in 2012 became a street market trader in Winchester. It was physically very hard work, but I loved it! The interaction with the public, my suppliers and my fellow market traders served to rebuild my confidence in the workplace having spent many years at home. In 2017, my market days came to an end and the adventure that is Sassy’s took a new turn.

Today, I am as bemused as anyone to see the exponential growth we’ve enjoyed especially as we’ve achieved this through the covid pandemic! I couldn’t do any of it without the support and hard work of my amazing Sassy Team. Each member brings a wealth of unique skills, vibrancy, personality and expertise that has been developed through many different experiences of life and I am extremely grateful to them and so pleased to have them on board.

Each of the shops has its own sales team and Sally to manage them and all things to do with the front line of the business. This releases me to source and buy product, direct the finances and draw up marketing and growth strategies – who knew?! All those years of running a family home produced workplace skills that I employ today in my business.

Looking back, I can see that the various stages of life, including all the usual family drama’s, illness and menopause, took their toll on my self confidence and I see this in many of our customers who when we meet them “only wear black” or buy tan “because it goes with everything”. There is a place for both these colours in our wardrobes, but I want to inspire and encourage folk that they have so much to offer at every stage of life and to be confident to express who they are in the here and now, through colour – it cheers everybody up!

Let me introduce you to the team!

Sally Santoni

After over 30 years in Corporate Banking and HR roles Covid made me realise I was more than ready for a change of direction! A temporary role had me dipping my toe into retail for the first time since I was 17 …. and I loved it. Looking around for something more permanent led me to an advert for Sassy’s! Ringwood was looking for a sales assistant for 2 days a week and a chat on the phone followed by an interview had me starting my new job the following week! What a fabulous job it is! I get to sell handbags and beautiful accessories! What’s not to love …

That was 2 years ago …fast forward to today and we have expanded our product line into clothes and footwear, we opened a third shop and through working closely with Sarah the role I have today has evolved. I now have the pleasure of working across all the New Forest shops with the sassiest team of ladies who all bring their own little something and the best customers too! The two days became full time but I love it, best career change ever!

Helen Farquharson

I joined the team to work in the Sassy’s pop-up shop in Brockenhurst in 2018. My husband and I had moved from Birmingham where I’d worked as a theatre producer and selling handbags seemed a fun thing to do while I looked for other work…I’m still here more than 5 years later.

In that time, I’ve seen the unfolding drama of new shops opening in Lyndhurst, Ringwood, Milford on Sea and the first Sassy franchise in Usk. What a story to be part of! I love being part of the amazing and diverse Sassy’s team. I’ve learned so much and my confidence in knowledge about colour, fashion and shape has grown too.

Now I get to move between the shops in Ringwood and Milford. It’s such fun to meet customers discovering Sassy’s for the first time and to see our regulars who pop in to see what’s new. I enjoy helping customers experiment with clothes, accessories and bags to create their own individual look. And what a treat to phone up a delighted customer to tell them that they’re the lucky winner of our monthly draw! Sassy’s is all about expressing your individual style and having a lot of fun on the way. Whether you pop into a shop or shop online, we can’t wait to help you discover Sassy’s for yourself.


Sandra is the newest member to join the Ringwood Team. Sandra’s passion is colour and she loves entering the shop and seeing a wall of beautiful coloured handbags and purses. The smell of leather is also another wow. She tells customers that “it makes her feel really happy coming to work and seeing so much colour and so many gorgeous things!”

Sandra loves meeting people and helping them make their perfect purchase. She has been enjoying helping partners and husbands find the perfect gift for their loved ones, and with Christmas only a few weeks away, she is hoping to help many more buy wonderful gifts. The “Wish List” has really helped, so don’t forget to complete your list to ensure a happy Christmas day! Pop in to the team to register your Wish List. Sandra’s Wish List grows every time there is a new delivery!

Lyndhurst: Nell, Liz, Julie

These guys are a relatively new team for Sassy’s, but they’re doing a great job and embodying everything Sassy’s stands for.

Ringwood: Jane, Joy

This dynamic duo has a wealth of life skills and expertise and they love helping and inspiring our customers.

Milford: Jo, Tracy, Annette

These ladies are fantastically fast paced, and they need to be in our busy Milford shop!

Usk: Kate and Olivia

My family have lived in Monmouthshire for eleven years, after moving from the New Forest in 2012. Olivia, my daughter, and I opened Sassy’s Usk in March 2023. We have always adored Sassy’s for its bright colours, high end quality and versatility and feel extremely lucky to be able to do something that we feel so passionate about in such a stunning part of Monmouthshire. Sassy’s has been extremely popular here in Usk and we are so excited to be moving forward with the continuing support of Sassy’s New Forest and the loyalty of our lovely customers of Usk and surrounding areas!