Resilience of Retail Small Business


The Resilience of Retail Small Business

It sometimes seems that the world is dominated by huge corporations and e-commerce giants, but the charm of retail small businesses continues to capture hearts and spark economic growth. Sassy’s is such an enterprise. Small businesses are often run by passionate entrepreneurs and create a unique shopping experience that simply can’t be replicated by their larger counterparts. In this blog, I am aiming to give you a snapshot into the world of retail small business, exploring our significance, challenges, and strategies for success! Enjoy!

Part of the Local Community

Retail small businesses aim to serve their local communities. They are more than just stores; they’re gathering places, hubs of interaction, and sources of pride for the neighbourhoods they inhabit. Walking into a small, locally owned shop provides a personalised experience that big-box retailers struggle to match. At Sassy’s each of our stores has its own team who live locally and can engage and become familiar with our locals who become personal friends as well as regular customers!

Challenges and Triumphs

The journey of a retail small business is not without its challenges. Here are some of the common hurdles we have faced and how we’ve overcome them:

  1. Competition from E-commerce
    With the rise of e-commerce giants, us small retail businesses often find ourselves competing against online retailers that offer convenience and a vast array of products. To tackle this, we have aimed to establish a strong online presence engaging in social media and email marketing. This expands our reach and connects us with a broader audience – especially our lovely customers who first find us as tourists on holiday! We have had an e-commerce site in the past but hope you’ll find our new site user friendly and a place to engage as well as finding your favourites available to purchase! Please let us know what you think!
  1. Limited Resources
    Small businesses often operate with limited financial resources and manpower, but this limitation fosters creativity and resourcefulness. As the owner of Sassy’s I have to wear multiple hats every day. I’m sometimes negotiating and buying stock, sometimes managing inventory and pouring over finances, other times I’m marketing and operating personal customer service and then I could be sales training, setting targets or producing contracts. I’ve had to learn to delegate and trust others to do a fab job – they always seem to! The need for this adaptability can be stressful but over the past 5 years as we’ve grown from a pop up to a place of considering offering Sassy’s as a franchise, I hope the things I’ve learned along the way have become a key asset.
  1. Changing Consumer Preferences
    As consumer preferences constantly evolve, small businesses needed to stay attuned to these shifts. This requires ongoing market research and a willingness to adapt our offerings and strategies accordingly. We moved from simply offering accessories to incorporating comfortable affordable clothing to satisfy consumer desire.
  1. Sustainability
    With growing environmental consciousness, customers are seeking businesses that align with their values. Small businesses have the advantage of being very nimble in adopting sustainable practices, thereby attracting eco-conscious consumers.


Strategies for Success

  1. Personalised Customer Experience
    Building personal relationships with customers creates loyalty that is not earned if the customer remains a number or just another body through the door! We aim to listen to our visitors and remember names, preferences and provide excellent customer service in line with our core values which are to help women be comfortable with who they are and express themselves through colour! We hope this sets our small businesses apart.
  1. Community Engagement
    We aim to participate in local events, support community causes and collaborate with neighbouring businesses to foster a sense of belonging and trust amongst locals. Amongst many other things, we recently were pleased to sponsor the programs for a local drama production of a play called “Handbagged” and we have bra banks in each store to provide a drop off point for those who wish to support the charity “Against Breast Cancer”.
  1. Adapt to Trends
    While staying true to our core values, as a small business we are open to adopting new trends and technologies that can enhance our operations and customer experience. Since Covid, we find there is still a reticence to handle cash and engage in a crowded small space with strangers. To this end our customers can have receipts emailed to them, use a card reader that doesn’t require them touching it, or us touching their card and we have opened our shops to small groups of friends to visit out of normal shopping hours. If you would like more info on these events, please click here and join our mailing list.


To conclude: Small retail businesses like Sassy’s’ are more than just places to buy goods; they’re the soul of communities, the embodiment of entrepreneurship and a testament to human resilience. Our ability to adapt, offer personalised experiences and contribute to the local economy highlights their enduring importance in the retail landscape. We are so grateful to you our consumers, who remember to support the unique gems that small businesses are that serve to enrich our neighbourhoods and contribute to the fabric of our society. Thank you!